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Tegs Shoot 001The Magician

 Through leaping flames

I watch in wonder

 The Magician!

 Snaking intricate designs

Burning lights of power

He dances




Weaving his spell he dreams of fire.

 Incandescent blazing orb, the moon lifts

Drums pulse, rhythms quicken

In fluid movement, complex dance

He incants his dream, his purpose, his desire

He entwines us in his dreams of fire

 Between two worlds

Divine within and physical channel

Transforming the night




A moment

 Reflected in his flame we glimpse ourselves

He directs us to possibilities

Displays to us our divine light,

And in the night he leaves us to dream.

To dream our dreams of fire

 Tegwyn Fietze – May 2004

Dawn crept up, and the glorious full moon dipped past the horizon. I was enchanted at being a part of the events of the night before. I wrote this poem, not only because this fire-dancing magician inspired me, I was also inspired by all the talented and diverse people I’d met the previous evening. More recently I keep meeting magicians. I’m keeping my eyes open for them and I’ve met a few in these last months. The one thing I find to be the true common denominator of all of these gifted people is the fact that they are reflecting to the world their Divine light by being who they are and by using their God given gifts. I’ve met musicians, writers, businessmen and women and others in all sorts of careers and from all walks of life. All who in their own unique way are reflecting the magnificence of the Universe within, without apology, sometimes making sacrifices in the face of all logic and reason, to be who they are and to express that.

This is the essence of the Magician. We all make magic, when we truly reflect the magic that is unique to each one of us and express that in our own distinctive ways. In this vein I cannot help but draw a parallel to the archetype of the magician in the tarot. The greatness of any magician lies in the knowledge that he is in fact only the vehicle through which the universal spirit is channelled. When we understand our lives and our purpose to be this channel, we make magic. The greatest of magicians are also the most humble, they realise the potential of the power that flows through them yet understand that it is not entirely a part of them.

As the innocent and bold fool on a journey through life, the next step in learning is to become a magician. The principals of the magician are to transform the ordinary and mundane into something extraordinary. Not necessarily by achieving fame and fortune. However by making a real difference not only in their own lives but also to others. This is not something that is unique only to a remarkable or exceptional few. The making of magic starts with awareness and truth. We become magicians when we become aware of the complete perfection of who we are right now and accept where we are in the present. When we can totally abandon ourselves to trusting universal spirit to move through us so that we can achieve the experiences we want to have. By doing this, we allow our light to shine through in a balanced and poised way. Considered and focused energy put into any human endeavour by calmly ‘being’ who you are with no defence of that brings the magic. Without trying to make less or more of our magic but by simply being that conduit and expressing it, we create new realities for ourselves and we make our world different.

The magician is purposefully aware of himself. He focuses his energy his personality and his character with deliberate intent. He has conscious awareness of his purpose and his own Soul nature. In the traditional understanding of the magician, he is the conjurer of magic tricks, creating illusions, the entertainer. Yet what do we do when we think? When we dream? When we imagine something for ourselves? When we literally will something into our lives? We invoke our intent and make it manifest into the physical. When we do this consciously we can only be making magic.

We are the creators of our magic. We are magicians. The more you function with a wakeful awareness of your true self and express clearly your intent the easier living in the practical, physical world becomes.

To each of us there is an inimitable and limitless set of talents. This applies not only to the things we can ‘do’ but also the essence of our personalities and character traits. There is a reason we have these tools we are meant to be using them.

A question I often ask my clients is this ‘How dare you not use the genius and abilities you were born with? How dare you turn your nose up at and fail to acknowledge the creative force within you? How dare you tell God (whatever your perception of the God may be) that you are not going to do what you are talented at?  How dare we Let those things about us that are our magic fall to one side discarded and unused? How dare we? Yet we do. The same magician in the poem said to me ‘When I was a child I lived in my fantasy world and everyone snubbed me for it, now I still live in my fantasy world and everyone wants to be a part of it’. He’s living his truth with no apology and it’s a hard desire to resist not wanting to be a part of that.

Living the fantasy is what we should be doing. Yes we live in a real world; yes there are school fees, bills, and other endless lists of necessities that force us to believe that ‘reality’ is a grinding state of living where our mode of consciousness is set on fear and survival. Yes, when needs want the devil drives. Yet having said that the idea is also not to quit your job and rush out and be irresponsible. The idea is to be who you are and let that shine, no matter what you are doing. Invariably when you do this, truly do it, you will find the thing you are meant to be doing and what you are good at, and that which gives you joyful participation in the life experience.

When the magician loses focus, when he loses the clarity of intent, when he has all his balls in the air and he gets distracted for just a second, he misjudges, the magic fails the creativity is lost.

This is when the human personality steps in and overpowers the spirit. We become confused, muddled and selfish. The focus is now not on the highest good, or best intent, but on satisfaction of the need for validation. We become critical of ourselves and of others. We become haughty and discontented. We try to manipulate each other and we fool ourselves. We deceive ourselves into believing that we have the only control. We cut off our true spirit and soul selves in the belief that we can do it alone, we become conceited by the idea that we are victims of this world and we refuse to see that this world is just experience. We take on our experiences own them and identify them as being a part of who we truly are. We take on those experiences both negative and positive and define ourselves by them.

Awful things happen, so do good things, apparently randomly. You don’t have to define yourself as either bad or good just because an event of some sort has happened to you not matter what that is. You can win the lotto and become an instant millionaire it doesn’t necessarily make you rich. It is merely the experience of the abundance of money. The polarities in this life are what we are here to consider and understand. It’s why we’re here. We are not however, those experiences we are not defined by those events. We simply are. The hardest thing to do in this life is to not take those things on as a sense of self-perception or ‘I am’ but to calmly observe as the magician does, the experience of the event, yet still keeping his own centre and understanding of self. To not become rocked by any happening either very good i.e. winning the lotto, or very bad, i.e. having your car stolen or losing your employment. Often we have these experiences because we need to change something in order for something new or different to come into our lives so we can gain a new understanding and perception. Sometimes life knocks us damned hard in order for us to acknowledge this.

It is what it is, not what it should have been or could be, or what it was, but what it is. Making the magic is first in the acceptance of where we are, then the ability to take that and turn it around to change it and make the experience different by changing the way we perceive it to be. Not taking it on personally, but focusing it to our own advantage. True magicians are not lucky, they are able to see opportunities where none seemingly exists and transform them into new and exciting encounters in the life journey.

The job of the magician is to take any event and understand it as an experience to be had. To serenely and with composure observe and then transform the experience, not by changing the event, but to change the emotions, the reactions and responses to the event to make it different. With powerful intellect and communication the magician filters these experiences, relates them to the rest of the life experience and makes the focused and balanced adjustments in the practical in order for the fool to continue on his journey of discovery. This is how the true magician makes his magic. He doesn’t become unstuck or unglued by events or happenings, he understands that he is merely the channel of all of those events and experiences and therefore, he also does not take them on and own them as a part of who he is. He focuses on the next move, the next trick, he conjures new magic and he creates new realities.

The magician is the soul personified in the physical. He employs discernment and discrimination in thought and deed. He is conscious of himself his actions and the consequences of those actions, therefore, he makes choices that are from his heart and soul, that ‘feels’ right for him. He follows his intuitive self often in the face of logical reasons on why not to take a certain course of action. The magician looks to not only surviving in his external world but to be thriving in it by being aware of the consciousness that lives within and through him.  This beautiful magician has self-acceptance and merges all senses of self, physical, emotional and mental with his true spirit and nature to achieve balance and poise, to make magic.

Once this self-acceptance has happened and is understood the magician can direct and influence the energy and the world around him consciously and with little effort.  He starts to express his true self without restraint. He does this with no compromise or apology, realising that the love he has for himself is best expressed through his creative efforts as he allows the creative force of the universe to flow through him. As he feels the love and rightness of himself he can feel that for those around him allowing him to transform his experience of life here in the physical.

Become a magician, allow the powerful creative universal force to flow through you, express and show who you are, with no apology, no reservation and no compromise. Watch as you transform and create new realities and a new life experience for yourself!

Tegwyn Fietze

© Copyright 2015 Tegwyn Fietze. All rights reserved.

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  1. ErikVIrvan says:

    My spouse and I stumbled over here from a different website and thought I might also check things out.
    I love the things i see so now i am following you.
    Anticipate looking at your web page yet again.

  2. Raphael says:

    You write both beautifully and, for me, with great resonance, Tegwyn. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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