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Healy Feely, smokin’ the mountain, shoowah stuff. When people ask what I do these days I often flippantly and airily reply “Oh Shoowah stuff, you know? Spiritually related thingers.” This is rather disingenuous of me, I do admit, however, there is a reason.

Let me explain. 20 years ago, I fell in love. In love with everything Shoowah (SPIRITUAL- say this in a self-righteous breathy and patronising tone of voice). I went on every course, learned every divination tool, devoured every book and went to every talk and workshop. I took every measure in my power to make sure I was spiritually enlightened only to discover to my great dismay that I knew even less than I did before.

As the years passed and I started adding the tools I’d learned and the counselling skills to my working life and way to earn and income, life seemed to be tossing me around like a rag in a washing machine and the harder I sought to find some meaning in all of this the harder it got. I tried harder! I thought “everyone else is getting this greater meaning except me.” I watched friends and colleagues seemingly achieving successes and moving forward with their lives. I watched clients I counselled everyday doing the same, and yet I seemed to be marking time. I felt that I should at least nail one foot to the floor then I’d have a good reason for going around in circles.

‘There’s more than one answer to these questions pointing me in a crooked line and the less I seek my source the closer I am to fine”

Indigo Girls

So I ditched it all. One day I closed shop and walked away from it. Packed away the cards, the hand printing ink, the Runes, and all other means and mechanisms of spiritual ‘work’ divination and counselling. I archived the articles and dumped the mailing list of subscribers to my newsletters and walked away. I found other ways to make a living that were to me more ‘tangible.’

Yet even in this I found that every ‘tool’ and experience I’d had and the things that I had learned following a spiritual understanding applied in my so wished ‘tangible’ attempt to do things pragmatically and without being clouded by constantly wanting to achieve ‘enlightenment’  In fact what I discovered was the more practical and pragmatic and tangible I made my life the easier ‘spiritual discovery’ became. The less I tried to chase it, the easier it was to understand and practice.

Over the years although there have been periods of inactivity, I have been working in the combined fields of divination, counselling and healing for the better part of 15 years now. None of these skills or insights have truly left me or the way that I work and if anything I am stronger now than I had ever been in the past and live with a lot more tolerance and compassion now than I did then. Most recently I have a yearning or even a calling back to these wonderful ways of working with and helping people. For this reason I named the website Shoowah, because while it is tongue in cheek I do take what I do and the way I uniquely work with people very seriously.


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